Success Stories

We can only share a small fraction of the success stories of our clients and their results below due to confidentiality agreements

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation - UAE

Alexander Sverdlov, the founder of Atlant Security, was an external security consultant to the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation prior to launching Atlant. 

As an individual consultant, Alexander helped the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation strengthen its cybersecurity posture. 

The nature of this project was strictly confidential, that is why we cannot share more on our website. 

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Pegb Tech - Payment Gateway Development Company

Atlant Security ran a full Information Security Audit for Pegb Tech (Dubai). 

The company loved the assessment quality and decided to go with our full Virtual CISO service for the full duration of the Information Security Program Plan we developed for them (12 months). 

During the year we completely transformed their cybersecurity practices and helped them with their infrastructure security, security awareness, and secure software development initiatives. 

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Mannesoft - Software Development Company

Atlant Security ran a full Information Security Audit for Mannesoft (Brasil). 

The assessment focused on NIST 800-53 v5 and on their Secure Software Development and DevSecOps practices.

The resulting Information Security Program Plan and Audit Report helped the company completely transform their cybersecurity practices and develop more secure products for their clients. Being able to protect client data better gave them a huge boost in making them more competitive on their market.  


Provence Financial and Insurance Services

As a small company, Provence required our help with cybersecurity for 4 months. In this time, we built 14 different defense categories for them, ensured every single employee is trained in Information Security Awareness and protected each and every single computer of theirs with more than 450 security settings, just one of which was an antivirus solution. 

Smaller companies can benefit of shorter engagement with us, as there is much less to defend than in a large enterprise, while getting the same high quality of service we provide to nuclear power plants, banks and government institutions.

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Cosmonauts & Kings - Political Marketing Company

Cosmonauts enables social and political actors to communicate their concerns in a data-based and digital way.

The company needed to ensure their customer data in the cloud, their databases, servers, backups and desktops is secure. 

Atlant Security ran an in-depth security assessment of their email and collaboration systems, software development practices, cloud infrastructure and their on-premises infrastructure and laptops. 

The assessment covered the full scope of NIST 800-53 v5, in addition to cloud security best practices and secure software development and DevSecOps best practices. 


Pridatect - Legaltech & Data Protection Services Company

Pridatect needed a full 360 view of their current defense posture: 

  1. Secure Software Development Assessment
  2. DevSecOps Assessment
  3. NIST 800-53 Security Assessment

We were chosen to execute the assessments and managed to do so in 2 weeks – from start to delivering a comprehensive 200+ page report and a custom Information Security Program for 12 months ahead, with detailed technical guidance on how to fix all identified security and practices gaps. 


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