Ransomware Negotiation Service

Negotiating with ransomware hackers can significantly reduce their payout demands. We work with insurance companies and organizations that fell victim to a ransomware attack.

Benefits of working with our negotiation experts

Why work with a ransomware negotiator

Because of three reasons: we keep every single step on the right side of the law, we are fast and we guarantee at least 50% decrease in the ransom payout. 

  • We are faster because we have done the same job at dozens of companies and are getting incredibly efficient at what we do. 
  • We are cheaper because we will decrease the ransom payout before your deadline of 24 hours, when the hackers demands usually double. 
  • We guarantee at least 50% decrease in the money paid to the ransomware operators. If we negotiate a worse deal for you, our services will be free. 
ransomware negotiation

Our Ransomware Negotiation Process

Planning for the negotiation

Before conducting a ransomware negotiation, we always have a series of preparation meetings with company executives and your legal team. 

These meetings help establish any potential leverage points in the negotiation which would be convincing to the hackers and give them no other option but to agree to your conditions. 

Here is our Ransomware Negotiation Process:

  • A strategic meeting with management
  • Meeting with your legal team
  • Review of the clients’ business – departments, management team, critically important production facilities, IT infrastructure. 
  • Documentation review.
  • Scheduling meetings with will all employees participating in the negotiation. 
  • Final scope agreement.


Ransomware Negotiation is the process of a controlled discussion with the ransomware operators. It aims to lower your ransom payout and guarantee you are not overpaying to criminals. In most cases they only get away with less than 50% of their original demands, sometimes as low as 10%. 

The price is a simple, transparent formula, based on the number of hours we work with you and a % of the saved payout. 

For example: if the original ransomware demand was $100 000, and we ended up lowering it to $50 000, you save $42 500 and pay us 15% of the saved amount ($50 000), or $7500. 

When working with ransomware negotiation firms, have your legal and executive teams ready for extensive work and collaboration. 

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