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Turn your business into a fortress by applying solid security architecture
with our cybersecurity services

Step One: Prevent, before it becomes too late


We believe prevention delivers the best value for our clients – securing your applications before they are exposed to attack, and our computer & cyber security services reflect that.

Virtual CISO as a Service

Performing the same role as a CISO, but with 3x the effectiveness, KPI-based results, daily task, and project tracking with your team to get you from 0 to Hero in cybersecurity!​

IT Security Audit

SOC2 and NIST security maturity assessments will show you precisely which areas of your business need protection the most and which methods of defense are most applicable.

Active Directory Security Assessment

AD is insecure by default. It is ancient. There are hundreds of ways hackers can take advantage of their weaknesses. We will help you find and eliminate them before it's too late!

Step Two: When an incident happens, detect it ASAP


Incidents happen all the time – if you think you have none, your eyes are closed. Our Detection cybersecurity services help you see everything happening in your network.

Security Monitoring

If an anomaly happens, we will help you detect it. When a machine is compromised, you will know. You will be able to see when people bypass security policies.

Security Compromise Discovery & Threat Hunting

Attackers can live in a network for years before being detected - your confidence in their absence can signify the hackers did their job well. We know how to discover them in your network.

Continuous Dark Web Monitoring

If you ever get hacked without your knowledge, the first place to look for your data is the dark web, which often contains corporate information for sale long before the breach becomes public.

Cloud Security Consulting

Office 365 has 280+ security settings. Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud have hundreds of security configuration options, too - we will take care of ALL of them!

User Security Awareness

Your users can be the weakest link - we will help you turn them into your best defense by providing them with relevant and actionable security awareness training.

Small Business Security Consulting

Running your own business and afraid all this is too big and complex for you? In just 24 hours your whole operation will become an efficient fortress!

Step three: when you detect an incident, Investigate!


Our Response cybersecurity services will build your immune system so that in the inevitable event of an incident, your team and systems respond to it just like an immune system responds, along with a proper investigation capability.

24/7 Incident Response

The first 24 hours of an incident determine whether it will be a significant, public breach or limited to one or just a few compromised machines with no significant impact.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

We have full-scale investigation capabilities. The only way to learn from an incident is to find all factors leading to the breach and mitigate them.

Malware Analysis

If a malware sample shows that it was created specifically for you it changes the whole game and response plan. But how will you know if you don't analyze them?

Boutique IT & Cyber Security Services for SMBs

Atlant is an IT Security Services Provider That Helps You Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Every Security Threat, Protecting Your Company From Cyber Crime. 

If you want to prevent a catastrophic security breach from happening to your business, choose Atlant Security, founded by a former Microsoft security consultant.

Every company must incorporate security into their services

Hackers and thieves are using a wide variety of tactics and tools such as malware, phishing, and other scams designed to trick you and your employees. The attacks come in many different formats. They can be as simple as a spam email asking to reset a password that lets them break into your network; from there, they can steal data or cause other havoc. 

Or, they can be more sophisticated. Hackers are scouring social media as well as your corporate website looking for information that will help them. They can pose as a CEO asking HR for W-2s or accounting to complete a very urgent wire transfer. An unsuspecting employee may be easily convinced the request is legitimate, only to discover too late that it’s not.

You Can’t Afford A Breach – You CAN Afford Atlant’s IT Security Services

According to a recent article by CNBC, cyber attacks cost companies an average of $200,000 per breach, and 60% go bankrupt within six months.

That’s why Alexander Sverdlov, a former Microsoft security consultant founded Atlant, a new computer security services company. He wants to share advanced security measures developed for enterprise organizations with:

  • Small businesses
  • Software development companies
  • Law firms
  • Financial services companies


computer security services


Atlant Security’s Computer & Cyber Security Services include:

  • Virtual CISO as a Service: allowing small & medium businesses manage their own information security program without the need to hire a full-time CISO
  • IT Security Audit and Assessment: providing clear visibility into the present vulnerabilities in a company and an Information Security Program plan
  • Phishing Simulation: showing companies which of their employees are most susceptible to clicking on malicious links leading to password-stealing forms and fake web pages
  • Cloud Security Consulting: almost every modern business uses cloud services and needs to ensure its safety and protection from hacking attacks.
  • Small business security consulting: providing small businesses with high-quality security advice and turning them into mini-fortresses!

Our former clients include:

  • Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (UAE)
  • Kaspersky Labs (cybersecurity)
  • Skrill (online payments)
  • Pegb Tech (online payments processor, Dubai)
  • German Marshall Fund (the US think tank)

Why Choose Atlant Computer Security Services?

Atlant is an IT security service devoted to small and medium-sized businesses everywhere.

The world is currently experiencing an exponential wave in cybercrime. It has been estimated by the University of Maryland that hackers attack every 39 seconds, an average of 2,244 times a day. 

But as soon as cybersecurity service companies come up with a way to mitigate one attack, hackers come up with a way around it. This makes it a constant game of cat and mouse between cybersecurity service providers and criminals, who inevitably have the upper hand.

IT departments like to believe they have everything under control, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

The truth is every company that ends up being hacked once had a very confident IT department that believed they didn’t need external security services or security consulting.

But convincing them they need to hire an outside security service company can be difficult. 

Atlant understands this dilemma.

That’s why, instead of arguing with IT managers why they should hire an external IT security services company, during the initial information security assessment Alexander shares as much information as he can. This way it becomes both a consulting session as well as a friendly conversation. When interviewing cybersecurity service providers, we’re not here to pressure you, just to give you honest, accurate information. 

After the assessment, IT administrators and managers always end up with a smile on their face.

Your Information Security Program

If you choose Atlant as your cybersecurity service provider, we will make sure the information security plan we create is custom-tailored to fit your organization’s needs. After the initial consultation, Alexander will personally create a cybersecurity program that incorporates the latest technologies and countermeasures to thwart cyber attacks.

This program is intended to protect every area of your organization that is vulnerable, from enhancing and securing the “perimeter” (the entry points to your website or network) to internal checks (known as Zero Trust) to catch any perpetrators that somehow got inside.

Atlant’s 14-Point IT Security Checklist for Companies of All Sizes

Atlant IT security services have developed a proprietary method for protecting your company from cyber threats and hacks. We’ve broken it down into common vulnerabilities listed in the 14 boxes above.

Atlant’s boutique IT security service is robust and constantly changing, both in response to and in anticipation of any new threats to your systems. This is why we connect with your team daily to give you updates as well as make sure we are addressing all your concerns. 

To sum up, Atlant cybersecurity services include:

  • An information security assessment
  • An information security program developed by Alexander
  • Personalized, daily teamwork with your IT admins to enhance vigilance

Don’t Delay for Another Day – Contact Atlant Right Now

Cybersecurity service providers are not all alike. Alexander has created Atlant so that he can personally offer his wealth of knowledge to the wide variety of companies that need it.

If you are searching for a cybersecurity services company, we simply ask you to make an appointment to speak with Alexander. We are confident you will be very glad you did.

  • No obligation
  • Free 30-minute call
  • Understand the threats your organization faces
  • Have a roadmap to greater security

Cybersecurity should not be an afterthought. Our service will give your company the tools and defenses it needs to keep your business safe.

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