Cyber Security Services

We manage the full cybersecurity program of software development companies, financial and law firms

Step One: Prevent, before it becomes too late


We believe prevention delivers the best value for our clients – securing your applications before they are exposed to attack and our cyber security services reflect that. 

CISO as a Service

Performing the same role as a CISO, but with 3x the effectiveness, KPI-based results, daily task and project tracking with your team to get you from 0 to Hero in cybersecurity!

Information Security Assessments

SOC2 and NIST security maturity assessments will show you exactly which areas of your business need protection the most and which methods of defense are most applicable to them.

Secure Software Development

Creating secure applications requires secure development, integration and deployment as well as testing the software for vulnerabilities at each stage. We will help you build a secure development practice.

Step Two: When an incident happens, detect it ASAP


Incidents happen all the time – if you think you have none, your eyes are closed. These Detection cyber security services help you see everything happening in your network.

Security Monitoring

If an anomaly happens, we will help you detect it. When a machine is compromise, you will know. When people break policy, they will be caught.

Security Compromise Discovery & Threat Hunting

Attackers can live in a network for years before being detected - your confidence in their absence can be a sign the hackers did their job well. We know how to discover them and hunt them down in your network.

Continuous Darknet Monitoring

We will monitor the Darknet for you so in the event of breach indicators appearing on underground forums about your company you would find out immediately.

Cloud Security Solutions

Office 365 has 280+ security settings. Amazon Web Services and Azure have hundreds of security configuration options, too - we will take care of ALL of them!

User Security Awareness

Your users can be the weakest link - we will help you turn them into your best defense by providing them with relevant and actionable security awareness training.

Solopreneur Rapid Defense

Running your own business and afraid all this is too big and complex for you? In just 24 hours your whole operation will become an efficient fortress!

Step three: when you detect an incident, Investigate!


Our Response cyber security services will build your immune system, so that in the inevitable event of an incident your team and systems respond to it just like an immune system responds, along with a proper investigation capability.

24/7 Incident Response

The first 24 hours of an incident determine whether it will be a major, public breach or it will be limited to one or just a few compromised machines with no significant impact. Speed determines the outcome of the response.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

We have full-scale investigation capabilities - from network forensics to disk, memory and mobile phone forensics.
The only way to learn from an incident is to find all factors leading to the breach and mitigate them in the future.

Malware Analysis

If a malware sample shows that it was created specifically for you it changes the whole game and response plan. But how will you know if you don't analyze them?

We have the answers

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on how much work is required to get you to a safe state, on the amount of infrastructure you have and on the number of people and devices you have as well as on their current state. Cybersecurity services usually reflect the client needs first and their price is determined by those needs. 

Because these defenses were effective years ago. Now even a teenager can bypass an antivirus (all antivirus programs) with 30 minutes of googling and following simple instructions. The advanced adversaries out there require much wider and deeper, architecture-focused approach and our cybersecurity services are designed to protect you from advanced attacks

Just as with the cost question, we can just give you a ‘depends’ answer at this stage. To answer with even approximate time frames we need more information. 

Yes, we do. Contact us to learn more!

Every hacked company had an IT department and all of them depended on their IT department for security. IT just doesn’t have what it takes to combat and defend against modern, capable and well-funded adversaries. 

Enable 2-factor authentication and use a password manager!

Our core computer security services cover the Prevent, Detect and Respond core elements of any security program. If you need something missing from this page, just give us a call – our experts surely will be able to solve your challenge. 

Our services aim to comply with NIST 800-53 and ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 as described at

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