HITRUST Preparedness

It takes one to three months to get ready for a HITRUST certification assessment. We can help you achieve all objectives required for a HITRUST certification.

Benefits of being prepared for a HITRUST assessment

Meet your HITRUST coach, Alex:

Why work with us for your HITRUST preparedness

Because of three reasons: we are faster, we are cheaper, and we are better at defense than a single full-time CISO.ย 

  • We are faster because we have done the same job at dozens of companies and are getting incredibly efficient at what we do.ย 
  • We are cheaper because you will not waste money on headhunters, hiring, and firing full-time CISOs.ย 
  • We are better because our team has built defenses for banks and nuclear power plants, software development companies, startups, and law firms.ย 

Experience what it's like to be stress-free

Let us take care of cybersecurity for you!


HITRUST preparedness means your organization is secure and can prove it is secure to its partners.ย 

It means you can survive and repel a hacking attack.ย 

As a side effect, you can get a HITRUST certification.ย 

The price for having our team help you get ready for a HITRUST assessment depends on the number of people and hours dedicated to defending your company. As all our clients are of different sizes and have different needs, our prices reflect that.

Most organizations are severely unprepared to go through an official HITRUST assessment.ย 

If you go through one now, you may well fail every single check. You will waste your money, as you probably know your level of cybersecurity even today.ย 

This is why you can spend one to three months with our team coaching you and helping you implement all necessary security controls, so you could pass on the first try.ย 

Experience what it's like to be stress-free

Let us take care of cybersecurity for you!