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I'm a Cyber Security Consultant

Helping software development companies, law firms and investment banks prevent security breaches

My name is Alexander Sverdlov, founder of Atlant Security – I’ve been employed by

I’ve been helping companies with their cybersecurity for the past 15 years, have worked as part of Microsoft‘s security team and an external consultant for the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.

Now I am a cyber security consultant and have helped software companieslaw firms and banks build complex and effective information security programs to combat advanced cyber threats, acting as their Virtual CISO (CISO as a Service).

Why work with me as your cyber security consultant?

There are many (MANY!) cybersecurity consulting companies out there. But their business model is usually the following:

  1. Perform a security assessment or a penetration test
  2. Based on the results, resell as many security products and solutions for a commission as they can
  3. Profit quickly, leaving your actual security posture where it was, with a few ‘security solutions’ installed. In essence these are not security companies, but efficient security product resellers who use their penetration tests as a business development tool 
I do everything differently. 
  1. I also perform a security assessment, but a very in-depth, security architecture and NIST 800-53 based one
  2. I then create a comprehensive Information Security Program for you – a strategic but also deeply technical plan on protecting 14 cybersecurity areas areas (or more), which cover the 17 cybersecurity attack types and protect your people, processes and technology from an architectural point of view, without purchasing ANY commercial products or solutions.
  3. Each of the 14 cybersecurity areas covered is usually split into multiple mini-projects and each of these projects’ performance and status is tracked on a dashboard so you could see your defenses improve every day for the duration of the Information Security Program implementation. 
  4. It does take longer, but in the end you will be secure

I've worked on projects and as a consultant for these companies:

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