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I have helped a nuclear power plant, banks, and law firms defend themselves from hackers - and I protect small businesses, too.

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My name is Alexander, founder of Atlant Security - and I've worked on projects and as a cyber security consultant for these companies:

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I’ve been helping companies as their IT security consultant for the past 15 years, have worked as part of¬†Microsoft‘s security team and an external security consultant for the¬†Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.

Now I am a cyber security consultant and have helped software companies, law firms, and banks build complex and effective information security programs to combat advanced cyber threats, acting as their Virtual CISO (CISO as a Service).

I have also helped individual lawyers, law firms, and small businesses protect themselves with the same quality a bank would get Рas they get their defenses built by me. I have built defenses at banks (such as SCB in Thailand, Akbank in Turkey, and others), and government institutions (Ministry of Education in Qatar, Ministry of Minerals in Saudi Arabia).

I’ve been employed by

Why work with me as your cyber security consultant?

There are many (MANY!) cyber security consultant firms out there. But their business model is usually the following:

  1. Perform a security assessment or a penetration test
  2. Based on the results, resell as many security products and solutions for a commission as they can
  3. Profit quickly,¬†leaving your actual security posture where it was, with a few ‘security solutions’ installed. In essence, these are not security companies, but efficient security¬†product resellers¬†who use their penetration tests as a business development tool.¬†

I do everything differently. 

  1. I also perform a security assessment, but a very in-depth, security architecture and NIST 800-53 based one
  2. I then create a comprehensive Information Security Program for you Рa strategic but also deeply technical plan on protecting 14 cyber security areas (or more), which cover the 17 cyber security attack types and protect your people, processes and technology from an architectural point of view, without purchasing ANY commercial products or solutions.
  3. Each of the 14 cyber security areas covered is usually split into multiple mini-projects, and each of these projects’ performance and status is tracked on a dashboard so you could see¬†your defenses improve every day¬†for the duration of the Information Security Program implementation.¬†
  4. It does take longer, but in the end, you will be secure. 

How much do I charge?

How much does a cyber security consultant charge?

It depends. What do you want?

  1. If you want just a quick phone consultation to solve a problem that requires just an expert opinion, the charge will correspond with the time spent. Quite affordable, try it!
  2. If you want to work with me on a¬†long-term project, the price will likely be similar to hiring someone. However, at a much¬†higher quality, less risks¬†(I won’t quit on you for another job!) and¬†higher efficiency¬†– you get what you need¬†three times faster, on average than the time required for the same project by a full-time employee. I don’t deal with the office politics, don’t spend time in coffee and cigarette breaks with colleagues and don’t commute. All I do is¬†deliver.¬†

The answer really can only be “it depends.” That price varies a lot based on the length of the project, its complexity, and the project itself.¬†

The hourly rate for a cyber security consultant varies according to the project complexity and duration. 

Is it just a phone consultation or an in-depth problem solving that you need? Can this consultation save the company millions by preventing a serious data security breach? In that case price doesn’t even matter. It’s all about value. Do you want that value?

Remote Only? How does that work?

Just as a hacker (or a hacking team) can work from across the globe, so can a defender build your defenses remotely. 

In all cases, all the work is using a keyboard and a mouse Рbe it in your office or from the Maldives, if you have an expert as your cyber security consultant, the quality will be the same regardless of location. 

People often say to me: “But I need a cyber security consultant near me” – to which I ask them,¬†why?¬†Why would you need someone to commute several hours to you, arrive sweaty and tired, and bill you for the time during their commute, when you can¬†save money and get the same quality?

I love helping clients and hate travel just as much as you do. I have clients in Australia, USA, UK, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates РIf I had to travel to see each of them every week or every month, there would be no time to work! Instead Рall of them get the same quality from me, and everyone is happy. 

Do you do Penetration Testing?

I get this question a lot! 

I am a cyber security consultant and in a way, a cyber security architect. I build defenses very well. I have been trained in offensive security by an Israeli security company РOffensive Security, at their OSCP course (my OSCP ID is 3128, which should be impressive to some people) Рbut I tend to focus on defense development only and work with some fantastic penetration testing companies in the US and the UK who excel in penetration testing. 

Specialization is key to offering fantastic service, and that is what I do. After my work with you is complete is the best time to run a penetration test and validate everything done, I recommend that. It is a continuous improvement loop Рyou build good defenses, test them, improve them, test them again. Specialization is the only way to deal with continuously improving threat actors. 

What can information security consultants do for you?

What is it like working with an information security consultant?

When you first start working with information security consultants both sides need to clarify their expectations. 

Just knowing about your desire to protect client information is not enough. It is best to share details about your business processes, how you work with your clients, and how you collect and store their data.

  • Do your clients have specific requests or unspoken expectations towards their data privacy?
  • Are you concerned about information security only, or do you need consulting on preventing confidential or strategic information theft?
  • Are you worried about hackers compromising your accounting systems, and stealing money directly from your bank accounts?
  • Can a data breach impact your reputation?¬†

Information security consultants need to know the answers to all these questions before starting working with you.

Testimonials from my clients:

independent cyber security consultant

What it's like working with an independent cyber security consultant?

I made a life choice 15 years ago: to stay¬†independent¬†as a cyber security consultant and never sell a vendor’s solution due to a commission or other benefits.

Even when working for Microsoft, I still helped all companies I visited to choose the best solution, rather than pushing Microsoft-only solutions. Perhaps that’s why I left and opened my own company!

When working with me, you can always rely on my global cyber security experience, knowledge, and connections knowing I will always have your interests at heart.

That is why you will never hear me recommending just one vendor for a particular cyber security challenge. I give you the ways to choose the right one, the benefits of each, and leave the choice to you. Yes, I make much less money by not receiving a commission from these recommendations Рbut I keep two things intact: my integrity and the trust my customers have in me.

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