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Impress your current & future B2B clients with the level of your cybersecurity, as we will take care of 28 categories of security controls for you!

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Vendorless Security

People work with Atlant’s Cybersecurity Consultants & Solutions because we do not resell security products. Every recommendation we make is based on solid security architecture.

We offer personalized and managed security services, security architecture development, cyber vulnerability assessment, it security consulting, and implementation. 

We build secure systems.

Our Cybersecurity Services:

Prepare for CMMC certification

We help our clients prepare for CMMC certification by developing all 17 capability domains.

Security Monitoring

Do you know exactly what has been happening in your network in the past 24 hours? Our monitoring service gives you complete visibility, and helps you detect threats before they become an attack.

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Our clients rely on our cybersecurity company in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, and in Europe, we operate in Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Lisbon, Prague, Athens, Helsinki, Sofia, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Luxembourg City.

Are your Customers Safe with You?

If you can’t answer this affirmatively, chances are that you don’t have reliable processes in place to keep their data safe.