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Selling a Fortress with a crocodile-filled moat is easier than a wooden barrack without a door

Want to always have the best answers when customers ask if you are secure?

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Vendorless Security

Our integrity when advising our clients as an independent cybersecurity company is the reason people choose to work with Atlant.

That is why we do not resell any products and services by any security vendor. 

All we do is proper security architecture, consulting and implementation

We build secure systems.

Our Cybersecurity Services:

Virtual CISO Service

Virtual CISO services to help you manage all aspects of cybersecurity in your business

SMB Cyber Security Consulting

You don't have to spend millions to become a small, but unsurmountable fortress. Get in touch to find out how we can help you protect yourself and your clients!

Vulnerability Assessment Services

Enhance your IT Security Program with a vulnerability assessment by Atlant Security. We help you discover the weaknesses in your defenses proactively before someone else does.

Cloud Security Consulting

Office 365 has 280+ security settings, most of them turned off by default. AWS and Google Apps are similar - and we help our clients secure any and all their Cloud Infrastructure.

Prepare for CMMC certification

We help our clients prepare for CMMC certification by developing all 17 capability domains.

Security Monitoring

Do you know for sure no hackers are in your network right now? Have you been hacked without your knowledge? Do you want to detect a breach as soon as it happens, vs never?

Our Amazing Clients

We thank our clients for their business and welcome you to join them!

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