Defending Law Firms from Cyber Attacks

Our team has protected banks and nuclear power plants - your law firm is in safe hands!

Atlant Security specializes in delivering cybersecurity services for law firms and legaltech startups

Most law firms and legaltech startups rely on…

😕Antivirus & Firewall.

Every law firm hacked in the past 10 years had them.

The cybersecurity programs we develop cover:

✅ Password & Access Management
✅ Secure Remote Access
✅ Security Policies and Procedures
✅ Attack Mitigation
✅ Security Awareness
✅ Secure IT Infrastructure
✅ Vulnerability Management
✅ Penetration Testing
✅ Advanced Endpoint Security
✅ Email & Communication Security
✅ Incident Detection and Response

Our Clients

Legaltech Software Companies
Commercial law firms focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions
Boutique Law Firms

Our Services

Thorough security assessment for every single IT system and business process in your law firm. You will receive a yearly plan to implement the security defense measures based on priority and risk from exploitation.

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Do you need a Chief Information Security Officer spending 8 hours a day at your office or would a more strategic, efficient approach be better? We will secure your business and keep it protected with our Virtual CISO service.

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Active Directory is the backbone and the neural network of every organization’s IT. If left in its default state it can lead to a disastrous compromise minutes (20, on average) after an initial breach in security.

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We will assess the security of your cloud assets and implement critical defensive measures to prevent breaches.  This service works just as well with Azure, AWS or Google Cloud services.

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Critical assets should never be accessed with a password only – it can easily be stolen and reused. We will implement the most secure 2-factor authentication methods in your organization.

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87% of all breached law firms find out it happened from external sources or never find out at all. If a breach happens, would you ever know without well-tuned Security Monitoring?

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Company News

  • Risks of working from home for law firms

    ☠ Remote work has increased cybersecurity incidents by 25% and the majority of them are caused by pirated software or software downloaded by people from shady locations. I’ll give you an example: Before, in the corporate network, people were (hopefully) prevented from downloading programs / binaries, instead, IT was doing that for them. sNow, when

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  • Cybersecurity for Law Firms

    As cyber attacks increase worldwide, in order to protect their clients and themselves, law firms must realize they are a prime target for hackers and cyber thieves.

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  • It takes 5 minutes to hack any email in your law firm

    It really takes less than 5 minutes, all a hacker needs to do is: obtain a database of all your email addresses (30 seconds) visit your webmail page and copy it (30 seconds) to his automated attack toolkit craft a fake email “From your IT department: Your mail storage quota is over the limit, please

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  • Six ways to protect your law firms data

    The common elements across all law firms when it comes to protecting them from hacking attacks are:  Your document management system Your case management system Your filing system Printing management systems File sharing and collaboration Phone management systems E-mail – and in many cases if a hacker gains access to someone’s email, they also gain

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why buy cybersecurity services for your law firm from Atlant Security?

    Above all else, we endeavor to deliver superb customer experiences. When your law firm is protected by Atlant Security, we guarantee all the services included will be delivered to you with superior standards of quality and support. Our primary objective is to build a customer-focused atmosphere filled with the happiest customers on the planet. The Atlant Security guarantee is our mark of market leadership.

  2. Why is law firm security required?

    When you store, process and share client information, you want your clients to be assured in your care to protect their data. To guarantee that, you need a secure law firm with a secure IT infrastructure – something most IT departments and outsourcing partners can’t provide with their puny Antivirus and Firewalls. Cybersecurity for law firms expertise is required to ensure that no one else in the world can access the confidential details your clients have shared with you. Get your law firm defenses assessed by our experts.

  3. How does cyber security protection for law firms work?

    Think of the data you would like to protect. Is it stored in your Document Management System, your filing system, your emails or your file server? The answer is typically all of the above. It is best to protect them equally well and in depth. Next, you need to maintain that security everyday against newly discovered ways to bypass defenses and new vulnerabilities. 

  4. What services are available from Atlant Security?

    At Atlant Security, you can cover all aspects of defending a law firm: from internal threats, external threats and even natural disasters. We protect in-house infrastructure and cloud-based IT environments. We perform security assessments, penetration tests, we improve the security of everything: printers, file servers, servers, workstations, laptops, mobile devices, filing systems, document management systems and more.

  5. Can our law firm be hacked, if we already have a firewall and an antivirus?

    If you have purchased a firewall and an antivirus for your law firm and your IT department (or your outsourced service provider) claim they are enough, you are in trouble since at least 2009. If you need adequate protection for your firm from corporate espionage, government-level hackers, credential stealing attacks and all the criminal cyber underground out there, contact Atlant Security. We have protected banks, nuclear power plants, government and private sector organizations and now we focus only on law firms.

Our Expertise

Our experts have been trained by the best firms globally – Mandiant and Offensive Security. They have defended modern nuclear power plants and banks, have worked as security consultants at Microsoft and have protected government and private-sector companies worldwide. All this expertise is available to you.

My name is Alexander and I will be defending your law firm.

Before launching Atlant Security, I have served as an external cybersecurity consultant of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, helping create some of the most advanced cyber defense systems in the world and have worked at Microsoft defending their clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East from advanced cyber attacks.

I am also the author of the “Building a Cyber Fortress” book and have given talks at some of the largest security conferences in the world – PHDays 3, 4, 5 and in 2019 the CISO Forum in Moscow.

All this expertise will be invested in your defenses.

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