AWS Security Audit Services

In 1 week we will find and fix vulnerabilities that can cost you months in recovery

It covers: compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking,
management tools, security, and enterprise applications.

Yes, we regularly find shocking, surprisingly omitted security settings

Everyone makes mistakes in their AWS security configuration simply because of the sheer size of Amazon’s cloud offering.

Add to that a large team of IT experts, developers, database administrators, and systems admins. Each of them makes configuration changes without consulting the 300-page security documentation.

This leads to a trail of security vulnerabilities that we will help you find and remediate!

During the AWS Security Assessment, we compare Amazon’s security requirements and industry best practices with what is present in your organization, giving urgent recommendations to implement against the risks to your business.

AWS security categories we will cover in your AWS Security Audit:

  1. Identity and Access Management
  2. Audit and Accountability – CloudTrail
  3. S3 Bucket Security
  4. Multi-factor authentication
  5. RDS Database Security
  6. Incident Response
  7. Maintenance & Network Security
  8. Data Protection (You’d be surprised how many times we find publicly available S3 buckets that should have been strictly private and confidential!)
  9. Disaster Recovery Planning
  10. Encryption
  11. EC2 Security
  12. Detection & Monitoring
  13. Processes and Procedures
  14. Patching & Vulnerability Management

Download our AWS Security Audit Datasheet

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Our mission: Provide SMBs with a Clear visibility of their exposure to cyber attacks against their AWS setup

An AWS security audit is an audit of how resilient is your cloud infrastructure and data to attack or human error. Its scope depends on the size of the company and its objectives. An AWS security assessment might mean a quick assessment of a few systems or a comprehensive review of your on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

We audit the controls in place (or their absence). These controls might be administrative, or in other words, the practices employed by your administrators. They could also be technical or even physical. Yes, there are ways to physically ensure the security of AWS!

Our AWS security audit customers have access to auditors only banks and large enterprises could afford in the past.

14 areas to Audit
1 Auditing Team

Best of all? If you have just a few employees / computers, all of the 14 defense areas will be checked in just a few days! 

💡 You can then go to your own potential clients and win new business by showing how well you can protect your clients’ data!

Atlant Security's AWS Security Audit Service includes:

AWS Account Management

Is the AWS Organizations service used for managing all AWS accounts?

Attack Mitigation Audit

We check for mitigation controls for 17 types of cyber attacks: account compromise, unauthorized access, ransomware, network intrusions, malware infections, sabotage, security policy violations, etc.

S3 Buckets Availability

Did your team set the right permissions for all S3 buckets and all files in them? We often find S3 Buckets made public when they contained highly confidential files and should have been kept private.

Cloud Security Audit

Microsoft 365 has 280+ security settings. Amazon Web Services and Azure have hundreds of security configuration options, too - we will take care of ALL of them!

Amazon RDS Audit

Amazon's RDS service can be misconfigured in dozens of ways. Encryption is important, but did you know that your developers might have made your databases public inadvertently?

Vulnerability management Audit

How many vulnerable machines / apps can a company have in its network?
We help our customers establish and manage a Vulnerability management program which will gradually reduce the vulnerabilities in their network.

Communications Security Audit

Getting access to a corporate account may grant a hacker access to all internal systems, too. We protect our customers by implementing secure authentication, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your communications.

Penetration Testing Audit

Breach simulation is an integral part of every Information Security Program. Our customers can rely on us to support them in the initiation, execution and conclusion of a Penetration Test.

Secure Software Development Audit

Software development should be a rapid, efficient and secure process. We help our customers integrate security into the design, development, testing, integration and deployment of their code.

Policies and Procedures Audit

Policies and Procedures are the governing laws even in a small company's business. The ones we create are living and breathing documents bringing order and structure to our customers' security practices.

Secure Remote Access Audit

Secure Work From Home is one aspect of remote access, but we also take care of third party partners and outsourced employees, vendors and guests. Remote access to data is not limited to VPN.

Zero Trust Networking Audit

This is exactly why we expand your defenses beyond VPN and add Zero-Trust as your main principle of defense. Are you curious how Zero Trust networking can be applied at your small business?

Advanced Endpoint Security Audit

Antivirus is just one of 12 controls we implement at small businesses to defend endpoints from advanced hacking attacks. These security controls prevent the exploitation via malicious documents, scripts, 0day vulnerabilities and more.

Security Monitoring Audit

We will help you transform your IT infrastructure security by implementing Server & Network Device Hardening, Desktop Hardening, Network & Web Service security, Data Security, Backups, etc.

Plus much More

Every Information Security Program we build and execute for our clients is different. Their teams, infrastructure, applications used and business objectives are differ and we often expand our services to serve them better.

Process of a IT Security Audit

Our AWS Security Audit Process

Planning for the audit execution

Before conducting an AWS Security Audit, we always have a series of introductory and preparation meetings with company executives and IT administrative personnel. 

These meetings help establish the reasons behind the assessment and its strategic security objectives. Is compliance driving your desire to audit your AWS systems? Were you a victim of a security breach? Or do you want to have full visibility into how prepared you are for a hacking attack?

Here is our AWS Security Assessment Preparation Process:

  • A strategic meeting with management
  • Meeting with the IT team
  • Review of the clients’ business – departments, management team, critically important production facilities, IT infrastructure. 
  • Policy and procedure review. 
  • Documentation review.
  • Scheduling meetings with will all employees participating in the AWS Security Assessment. 
  • Final scope agreement.

Preparing for an AWS Security Audit

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my ax.
― Abraham Lincoln

Besides the mandatory pre-audit meetings with management, the client usually has to undergo internal preparation for the AWS Security Audit.

On the client’s side, the following items need to be taken care of:

  • a dedicated virtual meeting room (we can also provide that)
  • a secure internet connection
  • scheduling each meeting between the security auditor and the respective team member

There might be technical details such as what is the auditor allowed to access and what information can they ask for as proof, as well as how this information will be stored and analyzed safely.

prepare for IT security audit services
communication during IT security audit

Communication during the AWS Security Audit and After

Communication is key in every business process.

AWS Security Audits are no exception, and we need to add a few extra requirements and dependencies.

Do you suspect a security breach happened prior to initiating the AWS Security Assessment? In that case, can the attackers listen in on any internal email communication? Most audit-related communications need to happen off-the-record in case you have experienced a breach recently. In other words, they have to happen over the phone or over secure instant messaging, avoiding your corporate email service.

There are several key stages during which communication is key:

  • prior to starting the audit, to clarify all expectations on both sides and set the tone;
  • during the AWS Security Assessment, to ensure all questions asked are understood and all evidence given is clear and not fabricated or modified in any way;
  • after the assessment when the report is received and discussed.

The report you receive has the tendency to heat up political discussions and start the process of blaming each other for the faults discovered. This is not productive.

What we encourage our customers to do is to see the audit report as an excellent opportunity to get better at everything you do and beat your competition at it. Rest assured, if we went to your competitors, we might find similar or even worse findings. So be happy you were the first to discover your faults and get ready to be the first one to fix them!

Understanding the AWS Security Audit Report

Your Audit Report will contain an executive section for senior management and a technical section for IT and security personnel.

The Executive Section of the report usually focuses on the business impact of the findings and on prioritization advice. This way management can request specific actions to be expedited and will know about their own responsibility to fund these efforts. Sometimes this also means hiring extra pairs of hands.

The technical section of the report will also be split in High Criticality, Medium Criticality, and Low criticality findings.

Each finding will be paired with its respective advice on fixing the finding – focus on the fix rather than finding who to blame for the finding, it is the only productive way to read and act upon your AWS Security Audit report.

understanding the aws cloud security assessment

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We go beyond asking questions — and turn our security audits into half-audit, half-consulting sessions. While there are hundreds of topics to go through, we identified the need to explain and discuss them so that your team would better understand why we ask this question and how could it affect your company. 

Usually, it takes 1 day for data collection and 1 to 3 days to prepare your final report. Therefore, an AWS Security Assessment from start to finish usually takes around 1 week, excluding any prior logistical preparations and clarification meetings after you get your results. 

We welcome you to record the sessions on your own — we discuss so many topics, and our team provides such valuable input that it would be a huge loss if you couldn’t watch the sessions later and extract valuable insight from them. 
If you ask us, we will also record the sessions for you and provide you with the recordings. We will delete the recordings after the AWS Security Assessment is complete.