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About Atlant Security

Since 2018, Atlant Security is one man - Alexander.

I am helping my clients as their boutique security consultancy, to solve various cybersecurity challenges, mostly as their CISO, but also as their security auditor, mentor and guide.

I help my clients create an Information Security Program in their company, and then help them execute it.

This gives them the ability to claim high level of defense for their auditors, their clients, partners and the general public, which in turns makes their companies more competitive and increases their valuation.

Atlant is located in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria in Europe

Alexander Sverdlov

Author of 2 information security books, cybersecurity speaker at the largest Cybersecurity conferences in Asia - PHDays 3, 4, 5, and a cybersecurity conference panelist at a United Nations event in 2021. Worked in Microsoft's security consulting team, worked as an external cybersecurity consultant in the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. Now he builds cyber defenses for businesses worldwide as the founder of Atlant Security.

Александър Свердлов

Author of 2 cybersecurity books

protecting law firms
Построение кибер крепости

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Bloomberg TV, 2020

Bloomberg TV, 2019


European Legaltech Association (ELTA)

M&A Deal Security

International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference - European Digital Week

Security conferences & speaking engagements

International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference 2020

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PHDays 5: Building a Cyber Fortress (2015)

PHDays 3: Digital Forensics & Incident Response (2013)

PHDays 4: Investigating cyber crimes (2014)