Work with a Virtual CISO to attain continuous cybersecurity improvement

Working with a Virtual CISO could bridge the gap while you are looking for a full-time CISO. 

Join our clients in London, San Diego, Curitiba (Brazil), Dubai, Berlin, Sydney, Sofia, and Barcelona! 

Benefits of a Virtual CISO vs a full-time employee

Meet your Virtual CISO, Alex:

Why work with a virtual CISO

Because of three reasons: we are faster, we are cheaper, and we are better at defense than a single full-time CISO. 

  • We are faster because we have done the same job at dozens of companies and are getting incredibly efficient at what we do. 
  • We are cheaper because you will not waste money on headhunters, hiring, and firing full-time CISOs. 
  • We are better because our team has built defenses for banks and nuclear power plants, software development companies, startups, and law firms. 

Experience what it's like to be stress-free

Let us take care of cybersecurity for you!


 A Virtual CISO is responsible for building all the necessary security capabilities and defensive measures for your company, such as Security Monitoring, Incident Response, Threat Modeling, Threat Hunting, Security Hardening of desktops, servers, databases and applications, network devices, security awareness training, etc.

The price for having our team be a company’s CISO depends on our security assessment results and the number of people and hours dedicated to defending your company. As all our clients are of different sizes and have different needs, our prices reflect that.

A dedicated full-time CISO usually spends one, two, or even three months to really understand what’s going on in a company, the capabilities of its people, processes, technologies, and assets, because it’s important to be non-disruptive by getting into processes you don’t yet understand, even if you are vigilant to raise the bar in defense of the organization quickly.

If you are looking to cut costs by hiring a part-time CISO, our service is not for you. 

If you look for rapid, efficient, and practical security improvement – then our Virtual CISO service will work wonderfully for you. 

virtual ciso as a service

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Experience what it's like to be stress-free

Let us take care of cybersecurity for you!