Which is the best cyber security company in the world?

The best cyber security company in the world is the one you end up loving. 


We could also say that the best cyber security company in the world is the one who loves you, but your experience defines everything. 

There are thousands of cyber security companies in the USA and thousands more globally. How would you define ‘best’?

Is it the size of the company?

Would a cyber security company with thousands of employees and a marketing and sales department the size of a small town pay as much attention to you as a smaller company?

best cyber security company

Is bigger better

Let us say you have a project needing a cyber security company. Of course, you want the best one! What are the selection criteria?

  • size in revenue per year
  • size in headcount
  • number of awards won in their sector
  • number of research papers published by their staff
  • number of services offered

All the numbers and factors above are visible on the surface. Are any of the above important factors for the level of quality or service you will receive?

What defines the best cyber security company according to our clients:

  • time spent with you to figure out your needs
  • attention to detail
  • an individual expert assigned to you for your project until it is complete
  • the experience and qualifications of the people working on your security project
  • the price is right
  • the satisfaction you receive from the whole interaction from start to finish

None of the points above depend on the size of the cyber security company. Now, if only there were a way to ensure you get the best company for you on all of the six factors listed above! 

How to select the right one

Time spent with you to figure out your needs.

This is a tricky one. You will have to contact dozens of companies and waste time with 95% of them before you figure out the one who would pay attention to you. So how do you know, out of thousands of companies, which ones to contact first? Let us say you decide to contact not more than ten companies.

Obviously, criteria number one for most people would be Google search results, and the first ten results should do the trick for most people. 

But what do you search for?

Be specific!

Googling “the best cybersecurity company in the world” got you to this page. Good! But it would be best if you searched for something more specific. 

Do you need an API penetration test? Or do you need a company to help you with your SOC2 compliance? Do you need virtual CISO services? Or an IT security audit? Then specify your exact needs in your search. For example, if you search for “virtual CISO,” you will get results of people wanting to learn how to become one, pages discussing the term in general, and so on. That is why it is always better to be more specific when searching. This is also key to finding the best company for you because only you know the specific problems you want to solve!

Attention to detail

Once you submit a contact form or scheduled meetings with ten potential cyber security company ‘candidates,’ it is time to wait. Observe their behavior during the first meeting, phone call, or even in their first email. 

Do they want to learn more about you before showering you with their prices, offers, and services? Do they even care about you?

Mention something specific and see if they include it in their offer to you at a later stage. That means they pay attention to detail and will take good care of you. 

An expert assigned to you

Would you have someone holding your hand from the start to the end of the project? You are unlikely to be a security expert and may even not know which questions to ask, let alone check the quality of their answers. 

If the security company assigns someone to you, that someone will most likely take good care of you and your project. If they have rotating staff and throw your project like a hot potato among many people, you will likely receive worse service. 

Their experience and qualifications

Usually, security companies have a page with all the certificates their employees have in total. You might see a really long list. But here is the tricky moment: the expert assigned to you might have just one or two of them. They might be a novice or an intern, especially if your company is smaller. They might have very insignificant experience in cyber security before starting working with you. This is a bad sign!

Make sure you get to work with someone with at least ten years of experience in the industry. Certifications are not important, no matter what they tell you. Experience is all that counts because certificates can be obtained for a meager price, and experience is priceless. 

Is their price right?

The price of a service depends on several factors, one of which is overhead. Always consider how much of the price is overhead such as the salaries of their marketing and sales team, advertising and marketing expenses, expensive office space in an expensive location in town, and much more. In the end, you might end up paying 80% for overhead and just 20% for the actual expertise by an intern. 

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance.

It is not about them being the best, shiniest, or most famous security company globally, and it is about your experience with them which will make them the best. 

Remember: there is always someone who would deliver a service cheaper. Even in your field! But if you consider and verify all of the factors above, you have a higher chance of working with the best cyber security company in the world for you

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