Third party risk assessments – are you doing them wrong?

third party risk assessment blame

Third-party risk assessment companies pop up everywhere like mushrooms after a summer rain. Does your responsibility end with using one to qualify a vendor against your security standards? Vendors get hacked all the time, and companies like Apple blame vendors like Quanta for the breaches they experience. After all, Quanta Computer Inc. passed the third-party … Read more

How to find and hire a great CISO

become a cyber knight

In-house recruiters, CTOs, and executives everywhere are wondering: How to find and hire a great CISO to join their team, and if you are reading this – you are likely among them. Faced with the challenge of not having a dozen available CISOs in their network of friends and acquaintances, many start posting job ads … Read more

Here is what to do if hackers encrypted your NAS server

hackers encrypted NAS server

“Our QNAP NAS server was hacked and encrypted. Please help! Can we recover our data?” Here is how you can recover files from a hacked and encrypted NAS server. It doesn’t necessarily need to be QNAP – but that brand was hit particularly badly in June 2020. Please take note – the server is a … Read more

Information Security Consultants Require Efficiency Controls To Be Effective

Information Security Consultants Require Efficiency

Significant losses can occur if you choose your information security consultants at random and have no clear plan and strategy of working with them. Here is a procedure for selecting a consultant, working with them, and controlling their performance throughout the duration of your project.  Efficient work means clarity of expectations on both sides and proper controls … Read more

Block exploits and malware by blocking ad networks and ads

Exploits and malware – sometimes even highly advanced ones – are sometimes distributed via ad networks and hacked websites. And while you can’t control the latter even if you have a whitelist policy on your web proxy, you can control which ads are seen in your network. The way it works:  Hackers know, that every … Read more

Six ways to protect your law firms data

The common elements across all law firms when it comes to protecting them from hacking attacks are:  Your document management system Your case management system Your filing system Printing management systems File sharing and collaboration Phone management systems Email – and in many cases, if a hacker gains access to someone’s email, they also gain … Read more

Top 10 of the best european cybersecurity consulting companies

eu cybersecurity companies

Every country in the European Union has its own local cybersecurity consulting companies. Atlant Security is one of them.  How to identify a good cybersecurity consulting company? The most important criteria when making a selection between multiple cybersecurity consulting companies is their business model. Do they primarily perform penetration tests with the aim of reselling … Read more

Becoming a cyber knight: learn!

become a cyber knight

Constant improvement is what your adversaries master at. Even though you might go for a new certificate from time to time – this is not the improvement I am talking about. Webinars are not improvement. Good, old-school reading and putting what you learned into practice is going to make you a master of your craft. … Read more