Internet pirates are coming for you: how to sink their ship and keep your business afloat

“Anything that can go wrong, does.”  Remember Murphy’s law? It is just as valid for your company’s exposure to hackers and cybersecurity risks. Every company’s IT team acts the same way as the construction team that builds a factory… But builders should not be responsible for protecting the business from attackers, such as robbers or […]

Which is the best cyber security company in the world?

best cyber security company

The best cyber security company in the world is the one you end up loving.  Overview We could also say that the best cyber security company in the world is the one who loves you, but your experience defines everything.  There are thousands of cyber security companies in the USA and thousands more globally. How […]

10 traits of great information security companies and how to find them

great information security companies

The 80/20 rule of working with information security companies is to choose the one that matches your business and style, not one you found on a list of “top 10 information security companies”. This ensures you will spend the least effort and get the most benefits you can.  This article will give you all the […]

How to fill a vendor security risk assessment questionnaire

how to fill edrm security audit questionnaire

We can help you fill the security questionnaires you receive from your clients. Here is a short video to summarize and augment this article: Filling the security questionnaire adequately will help you win your client’s business or comply with their requirements to continue working with them. Need help filling your security questionnaire? Schedule a free […]

Third party risk assessments – are you doing them wrong?

third party risk assessment blame

Third-party risk assessment companies pop up everywhere like mushrooms after a summer rain. Does your responsibility end with using one to qualify a vendor against your security standards? Vendors get hacked all the time, and companies like Apple blame vendors like Quanta for the breaches they experience. After all, Quanta Computer Inc. passed the third-party […]

How to find and hire a great CISO

become a cyber knight

In-house recruiters, CTOs, and executives everywhere are wondering: How to find and hire a great CISO to join their team, and if you are reading this – you are likely among them. Faced with the challenge of not having a dozen available CISOs in their network of friends and acquaintances, many start posting job ads […]

Phishing examples – examples of fake login emails and forms


I really hate the word phishing! Some genius security expert came up with it years ago and now the whole world has to explain it to users, as if they cared or as if it made any difference. Now and further in this article, I will use the proper ‘fake zoom invitation’, ‘fake login form’ […]

Here is what to do if hackers encrypted your NAS server

hackers encrypted NAS server

“Our QNAP NAS server was hacked and encrypted. Please help! Can we recover our data?” or “Our ASUSTOR NAS server was attacked by ransomware. Please help! Can we recover our data?” Here is how you can recover files from a hacked and encrypted NAS server. It doesn’t necessarily need to be QNAP – but that […]

Information Security Consultants Require Efficiency Controls To Be Effective

Information Security Consultants Require Efficiency

Significant losses can occur if you choose your information security consultants at random and have no clear plan and strategy of working with them. Here is a procedure for selecting a consultant, working with them, and controlling their performance throughout the duration of your project.  Efficient work means clarity of expectations on both sides and proper controls […]