We help companies become SOC 2 compliant

Your SOC 2 compliance is critical for your clients and we will guide your company through the whole process

SOC 2 is often written into contracts or requested by clients of B2B organizations. Lacking the necessary cybersecurity measures can impact your sales revenue. 

We prepare organizations for their official SOC 2 assessment. Beware: it may take between 3 to 6 months between our initial assessment and implementing the last security control required for you to meet SOC 2 requirements. 

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Our mission: Help you become SOC 2 compliant

As a B2B vendor, security, integrity, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy are topics of great importance for your clients. This is why your SOC 2 readiness must include proof of sufficient controls in each of them.

If you are in the healthcare industry, privacy would be critically important. If you are a fintech vendor, you would also focus strongly on processing integrity.

We will help you start your journey and get to the point of information security maturity by first showing you where you are with an information security assessment.

We will then build an Information Security Program for you, which will guide you on all objectives to achieve within three to six months to get ready for a final SOC 2 assessment.

Our SOC 2 customers have access to auditors only banks and large enterprises could afford in the past.

14 areas to Audit
1 Auditing Team

Best of all? If you have just a few employees / computers, all of the 14 defense areas will be checked in just a few days

💡 You can then go to your own potential clients and win new business by showing how well you can protect your clients’ data!

Atlant Security's IT Security Audit Service includes:

Password & Access Management Audit

How are passwords and access management handled? Do people reuse simple passwords? Do you know who has access to what and why, at any time? Can hackers steal employee passwords easily?

Attack Mitigation Audit

We check for mitigation controls for 17 types of cyber attacks: account compromise, unauthorized access, ransomware, network intrusions, malware infections, sabotage, security policy violations, etc.

Security Awareness Audit

Has everyone in the organization gone through the appropriate security awareness training? If yes, then do they even remember what was it about? Has its effectiveness been tested?

Cloud Security Audit

Microsoft 365 has 280+ security settings. Amazon Web Services and Azure have hundreds of security configuration options, too - we will take care of ALL of them!

Secure IT Infrastructure Audit

We help our customers transform their IT infrastructure security by implementing Server & Network Device Hardening, Desktop Hardening, Network & Web Service security, Data Security, Backups, etc.

Vulnerability management Audit

How many vulnerable machines / apps can a company have in its network?
We help our customers establish and manage a Vulnerability management program which will gradually reduce the vulnerabilities in their network.

Email & Communications Security Audit

Getting access to a corporate account may grant a hacker access to all internal systems, too. We protect our customers by implementing secure authentication, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your communications.

Penetration Testing Audit

Breach simulation is an integral part of every Information Security Program. Our customers can rely on us to support them in the initiation, execution and conclusion of a Penetration Test.

Secure Software Development Audit

Software development should be a rapid, efficient and secure process. We help our customers integrate security into the design, development, testing, integration and deployment of their code.

Policies and Procedures Audit

Policies and Procedures are the governing laws even in a small company's business. The ones we create are living and breathing documents bringing order and structure to our customers' security practices.

Secure Remote Access Audit

Secure Work From Home is one aspect of remote access, but we also take care of third party partners and outsourced employees, vendors and guests. Remote access to data is not limited to VPN.

Zero Trust Networking Audit

This is exactly why we expand your defenses beyond VPN and add Zero-Trust as your main principle of defense. Are you curious how Zero Trust networking can be applied at your small business?

Advanced Endpoint Security Audit

Antivirus is just one of 12 controls we implement at small businesses to defend endpoints from advanced hacking attacks. These security controls prevent the exploitation via malicious documents, scripts, 0day vulnerabilities and more.

Security Monitoring Audit

We will help you transform your IT infrastructure security by implementing Server & Network Device Hardening, Desktop Hardening, Network & Web Service security, Data Security, Backups, etc.

Plus much More

Every Information Security Program we build and execute for our clients is different. Their teams, infrastructure, applications used and business objectives are differ and we often expand our services to serve them better.

Process of a IT Security Audit

Our SOC 2 Compliance Preparation Process

There are 3 stages to get to your final SOC 2 report:

  1. SOC 2 Readiness – we run a gap assessment of your security posture against NIST 800-53 v4 or v5. Besides the very detailed report, we will build an Information Security Program Plan for your organization. This plan will list the detailed steps along with a suggested timeline for your technical and security team. If you follow the Plan, you should be ready for the next steps in a few months.
  2. SOC 2 Report Type I – usually taken during the year immediately after you have reached security maturity by implementing the Information Security Program Plan we developed for you in Step 1. This is the fastest way to get a SOC 2 report in your hands.
  3. SOC 2 Report Type II – typically an annual process you will perform with an officially accredited AICPA firm. Once you have implemented all security controls suggested by us in Step 1, this should be a very easy, painless, and quick process to go through.

Preparing for a SOC 2 Security Audit

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my ax.
― Abraham Lincoln

SOC 2 boilerplate text

prepare for IT security audit services
communication during IT security audit

Communication during the SOC 2 compliance audit preparation process

SOC 2 boilerplate text

Understanding the SOC 2 Audit Process

SOC 2 boilerplate text

understanding the aws cloud security assessment

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