Can your law firm survive a hacking attack?

10 days of relentless digging into your systems

Just as a hacker would do it, but covering EVERYTHING

Our Team has protected Nuclear Power Plants and Central banks – now we focus on Law firms ONLY.

Assessing the security defenses of your law firm is crucial in building your security program. Just as other law firms, you most likely are insured and / or ISO 27001 certified. But some people don’t care about that – hackers, your competition, disgruntled employees. Foreign governments. Private criminal organizations trading with the kind of information you hold for your commercial clients. That is why we created our law firm security assessment service:

  • We audit only the things which can put you at real risk – such as your document management systems (NetDocuments, for example)
  • Our experience with compromised law firms shows exactly what needs to be checked first – hack timelines show us what gets attacked first. We use Pareto’s rule against your attackers – it simply becomes too expensive to go after you
  • IT misrepresents risk – We have seen it in every single law firm – the job of IT is to keep things running. They don’t have time to defend against a whole world of highly skilled attackers from across the globe – and can never keep up with the most recent attack methods utilized to break into law firms. Our team keeps monitoring these threats 24/7 and knows which weaknesses to look for before the bad guys do it. 
  • Security is our business  – that is why we know exactly which attack methods would work against you and which wouldn’t. 
  • Our independent 3rd party security review will help your law firm prove it is handling data properly when asked by clients or partners

Thorough & Efficient Cybersecurity Assessment

Document Management Security

Can documents be easily copied by an insider our outsider without you knowing? Can someone take off with an archive of every single document your firm has ever worked on?

Independent and Unbiased

We follow the assessment methodology developed by the NSA (NSA-ISAM), augmented with our own vast international experience in security assessments. We let checkbox auditors do their assessments separately – we evaluate only practical elements which might actually impact your defense.

IT Infrastructure

Does your IT department manage security well? The answer will be no. But how bad exactly is it and which are the most critical changes to be implemented ASAP, before someone has used the loophole to capitalize on it?

First things - First

By the time you have finished reading our report you will already have a clear picture of which weaknesses need to be dealt with immediately and how much will it cost you (financially and otherwise) – as we deliver a clear priority-based timeline for remediation execution.

Security Risk Awareness & Avoidance

Are your associates, attorneys and managing partners on the same page about handling passwords, access, personal and company-owned devices in a secure way? Because we have seen firm leadership using the password Password123 and we have seen associates giving away their e-mail password over the phone…

Ongoing Assessments

We will help you monitor your IT (and other departments) progress with the defense measures necessary by continuously auditing their work and reporting on any discrepancies or missed project deadlines.

why commercial law firms choose us

Tailored for you

Just like a well-tailored suit, our service is designed in every single detail for the defense of law firms. 

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Global Representation

We have offices and partners in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Wherever you have offices, we are there. 

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Unmatched Expertise

We have ex-Microsoft, ex-Amazon, ex-military and ex-nuclear security experts, ready to build your defenses better than anyone else can.

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Continuous Defense Improvement

Immediate Benefits


We will find every way a hacker could hack into your emails and give you the right protection for each. Secure e-mail communication for your law firm will become a fact.


You will be able to sell your service as more secure than the competition after the assessment is complete and you start implementing our recommendations. Everyone wants to know their law firm takes their security seriously.

Cost Savings

We have helped firms decommission expensive, outdated and obsolete security devices in favor of cheaper and more efficient options.

Assessments done right

Our team has worked at Microsoft, HP and other global firms and has assessed the security of banks, military organizations and telecoms. When we decided to serve law firms we did it because you have the most valuable information for all of them – and we know how to protect it.

Your Law Firm - Protected from Cyber Attacks

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