Securing your Azure Cloud Infrastructure

The CIS (Center for Internet Security) Azure Security guideline is 223 pages long – and we have gone through it many times, with each of our clients. We have the experience to know the consequences of turning on every single setting in that document – both for business and security.

  • The cloud is just someone else’s computer – no matter what Microsoft tells you of the default ‘secure’ settings they sell you at the start – CIS would not release a 223 page guidance on securing Azure if security was on by default. 
  • Every single one of the law firms we assessed needed serious changes in their cloud security configuration – even the ones with stellar IT departments. 
  • Your Azure account, by default, is as hackable as your e-mail  – and it takes just minutes to hack an average e-mail account. 
  • We have ex-Microsoft security experts on our team  – we say that everywhere, and with a good reason. We know both the good and the bad and are not afraid to say it (keyword: ex-Microsoft, meaning vendor-independent) 

We will turn your Azure infrastructure into a Fortress

Secure Access Control

Access to your Azure environment means full access to all your data, virtual machines, Office 365 e-mails and documents. One mistake in configuring Azure access controls can cost you your company’s data – quite literally.

Can your Azure logs be wiped clean by hackers?

Everyone experiences some kind of a breach at some point – even the Pentagon. The key in recovering from a breach is the possibility for an investigation – and if your logs can be easily disabled/deleted by a hacker, why do you even have logs in the first place? We help ensure your logs are impossible to tamper with.

Virtual Machine Defense

Does your IT department have their testing and production environments mixed up in Azure? Do they enable maximum security for every virtual machine they set up in Azure?

First things - First

By the time you have finished reading our report you will already have a clear picture of which weaknesses need to be dealt with immediately and how much will it cost you (financially and otherwise) – as we deliver a clear priority-based timeline for remediation execution.

Security Risk Awareness & Avoidance

Are your associates, attorneys and managing partners on the same page about handling passwords, access, personal and company-owned devices in a secure way? Because we have seen firm leadership using the password Password123 and we have seen associates giving away their e-mail password over the phone…

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is seen as a solid security measure but can often be bypassed just as easily as a username/password combination. We have the solution to this problem, which completely prevents phishing threats.

why law firms choose us

Tailored for you

Just like a well-tailored suit, our service is designed in every single detail for the defense of law firms. 

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Global Representation

We have offices and partners in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Wherever you have offices, we are there. 

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Unmatched Expertise

We have ex-Microsoft, ex-Amazon, ex-military and ex-nuclear security experts, ready to build your defenses better than anyone else can.

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Continuous Defense Improvement

Immediate Benefits


Ever thought email can be a secure form of communication? Were the e-mail boxes of your employees easy to break into? Not anymore!


You will be able to sell your service as more secure than the competition after the assessment is complete and you start implementing our recommendations. Everyone wants to know their law firm takes their security seriously.

Cost Savings

We have helped firms decommission expensive, outdated and obsolete security devices in favor of cheaper and more efficient options.

Phishing prevention

Complete prevention of Azure account phishing threats by implementing biometric and physical security measures.

Your Law Firm - Protected from Cyber Attacks