Reinforce your Active Directory against hacking

Active Directory manages all your user accounts, passwords and access to all your data. Your document management systems, backup systems, applications and servers all depend on its security to function properly. If a hacker gains access to your active directory the game is over – they have full control.

  • Our team has ex-Microsoft security experts – we know all the methods used by attackers to compromise Active Directory-based environments and can defend you from them.
  • We have experience defending Azure Active Directory – even if you are one of the most modern law firms in the world and are already on Azure, there are hundreds of security settings that need to be applied to your Azure Active Directory before it can be secure.
  • Active Directory has many unexpected weak spots – sometimes thought of as simple misconfigurations, chained together they can be used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to your firm’s network remotely. 
  • Every week there is a new way to hack Active Directory  – and it is out job to know about them and defend you against them. Let your IT department keep things running – we will keep them secure. 

Extensive Active Directory Hardening

Fast and Efficient: only two weeks to fortify AD

It takes us only two weeks to test, implement and verify all defense measures in our arsenal into your Active Directory environment. We can do it on-premise or remotely – the choice is up to you. 

Better than Microsoft's hardening service

We have ex-Microsoft team members and we can tell you this: their engineers are only allowed to run internal tools. They are not allowed to use hacking tools to test your Active Directory nor are they allowed to go outside of the normal offering. Our offer is covering attacks and methods they can’t officially test against. 

Focused on Attack Prevention, not Compliance

We focus all our efforts on attack prevention, following an extensive attack list and protecting you from all of them. Rather than following a compliance-driven audit, we are defense-driven and do our job excellently. 

First things - First

By the time you have finished reading our report you will already have a clear picture of which weaknesses need to be dealt with immediately and how much will it cost you (financially and otherwise) – as we deliver a clear priority-based timeline for remediation execution.

Security Risk Awareness & Avoidance

Are your associates, attorneys and managing partners on the same page about handling passwords, access, personal and company-owned devices in a secure way? Because we have seen firm leadership using the password Password123 and we have seen associates giving away their e-mail password over the phone…

Ongoing Assessments

We will help you monitor your IT (and other departments) progress with the defense measures necessary by continuously auditing their work and reporting on any discrepancies or missed project deadlines.

why law firms choose us

Tailored for you

Just like a well-tailored suit, our service is designed in every single detail for the defense of law firms. 

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Global Representation

We have offices and partners in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Wherever you have offices, we are there. 

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Unmatched Expertise

We have ex-Microsoft, ex-Amazon, ex-military and ex-nuclear security experts, ready to build your defenses better than anyone else can.

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Continuous Defense Improvement

Immediate Benefits

Secure DC

Domain Controller access is critical – we enable 2-factor authentication for all domain management tasks.


You will be able to sell your service as more secure than the competition after the assessment is complete and you start implementing our recommendations. Everyone wants to know their law firm takes their security seriously.

Cost Savings

We have helped firms decommission expensive, outdated and obsolete security devices in favor of cheaper and more efficient options.

Secure Admin

Administering Active Directory from a regular workstation is not an option. We have created a secure PAW better than the one offered by Microsoft.

Your Law Firm - Protected from Cyber Attacks

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