Risks of working from home for law firms

☠ Remote work has increased cybersecurity incidents by 25% and the majority of them are caused by pirated software or software downloaded by people from shady locations.

I’ll give you an example: Before, in the corporate network, people were (hopefully) prevented from downloading programs / binaries, instead, IT was doing that for them.

sNow, when they need even legitimate software like .. Notepad++, for example – they Google it.

Hackers know that – and are injecting paid search results with trojanized ‘legitimate’ programs.

⚠ When these people return to work in their corporate network, they will bring the malware with them!

But even today the confidential client data on their machines is exposed for stealing and usage as extortion…

What can you do?

1. Prevent the download of unauthorized programs for remote employees.
2. Prevent the execution of unauthorized software on their machines at home.
3. Security Awareness Training.