Possible Signs of a Security Incident

Signs of a Denial of Service Attack

  • The network appears to be running slower than usual or there is no connection at all. (opening files or visiting websites)
  • Unable to reach a University website,resource, or any public website or resource available through the internet.
  • Mailbox is inundated with spam to the point that no legitimate e-mails can be delivered. The hard drive has suddenly become full

Signs of Malicious Code (Virus, Malware, Spyware, Rootkits)

  • Computer is running abnormally slow or crashes for no apparent reason
  • Files are being deleted or becoming corrupt
  • Internet homepage is different and/or there are additional components added to the browser
  • Pop-up ads are always appearing on the desktop
  • Random Windows error messages appear
  • The mouse cursor moves around without any interaction

Signs of Unauthorized Access

  • Computer is not in the same physical condition that it was left in
  • Files and folders have been added, deleted, or changed
  • You witness someone using a system or using credentials that do not belong to them

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