Phishing Simulation

Discover the ones in your team among the 49% who submit their passwords to phishing attacks

Phishing messages are very convincing!

If you’ve trained your users, you have to know which ones didn’t pay attention to the training before it is too late!

phishing simulation example

Phishing simulations can be easy and effective

Our team configures and launches phishing simulation campaigns with incredible attention to detail. We simulate phishing messages by using real-life phishing emails intercepted by our defense systems.

  • Attachment-based or email link phishing messages will train your users to be alert for any type of fraudulent messages trying to steal their credentials.
  • We can mimic your IT department, your vendors or partners just as a hacker would. 
  • We will track track the users who click on phishing links or open phishing attachments, but we will not actually collect their passwords – these are never stored in our systems. 
phishing simulation

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