Explaining APT in a simple language

APT is the new INFOSEC marketing term – every other company / service / product is offering ‘protection from Advanced Persistent Threats” – without even explaining what the term means. Probably because if they do explain, you will lose any interest in their products?

APT is not about what – code, viruses, malware, spyware or exploits. It is about who, how, where, when and why

Do you remember the last time you stumbled – even slightly – while walking or running?

Can you imagine someone following you for years, waiting for you to stumble – just to push you harder so you would fall and hurt yourself? Eventually with the purpose of robbing you? Persistently and diligently, every day and every week, month and year, until you finally stumble?

That is what an APT is.

If there is anyone out there who is literally after you – they will patiently wait until just one link in your security chain weakens or snaps. Even if you don’t notice – they will.

Now, knowing what an APT is… do you trust a piece of code – a software product or a piece of hardware – will actually protect you from the who, how, where, when and why? You probably already know the answer, but refuse to answer it due to the insane amount of money already spent on APT protection… which you hopefully now understand is useless.

APT protection is about risk management – specifically about reducing risks and protecting your most valuable information by all means, with the clear understanding of what will happen when your protections fail and the information is exposed. If you have this understanding – you will be better prepared and could eventually protect from an Advanced, PERSISTENT Threat.

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