Company overview

Atlant Security was founded in 2018 by Alexander Sverdlov (ex-Microsoft) and James McKinlay with the purpose of protecting commercial law firms (focusing on those specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions) from cyber attacks. We have gathered some of the best security experts with experience in offensive and defensive security in the military, nuclear, government and the financial sectors.

We achieved our rapid success among law firms because we focus on their needs, only. We know the kind of threats law firms face and the frequency at which hackers are hired to attack them. We also know that when big cases are involved, some people spare no measures to achieve their objectives.

Atlant Security continues to expand year over year thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover one industry only Рand we cover it extremely well.

Our mission

We exist to fulfill the following mission statements:

  • The firms we defend are unbreakable cyber fortresses
  • Any information we have protected remains confidential
  • We provide the most efficient security measures on the market
  • Every member of the Atlant Security team lives to make you safe and happy
  • We build defenses without sacrificing usability
  • We limit the chance of a breach by limiting human error, not by endless buying of ‘solutions’
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Atlant Security office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

When you are in the legal industry you know that the information clients trust us with must remain private and confidential. Our mission is to protect our clients; that is why we chose Atlant Security to be our partner in defending from internal and external threats.

Senior Partner, Leading San Diego Law Firm

Looking for a First-Class Cybersecurity Consultancy?

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