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Atlant Security’s Cloud Security Consulting services help customers succeed in the transition from traditional on-premise environments to the cloud securely. We have helped customers secure their cloud environments in AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft 365. The list of our customers includes banks, government organizations, law firms, and software development companies. You can rely on the high-quality consulting of our team of experts, who have vast global cybersecurity consulting experience. 

Migrating on-premise applications to the cloud creates new security risks

  • Did you take into account all new security controls that need to be applied to your application in the cloud?
  • Is your team trained in protecting the application and its data in the cloud?
  • Do you need outside help to ensure the migration is making the app more secure than it was on-premise?

AWS Security Consulting

Our customers often deploy their whole infrastructure in Amazon’s cloud.

As much as Amazon has taken care to protect their infrastructure and that of their customers, many, if not most of the security settings we audit in our assessments, are either left in their default state or are misconfigured.

IT departments are often under pressure to deploy things quickly and are understaffed and overworked. Mistakes are inevitable.

Every mistake made by someone in the IT department – be it a developer, system administrator, or external service provider can lead to a disastrous security breach, exposing customer information and leading to regulatory and compliance penalties.

Our cloud security consulting experts have years of experience in finding these mistakes and suggesting the best ways of fixing them without causing downtime or usability issues.

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Microsoft 365 Security Consulting

Microsoft 365 offers a fantastic set of applications, covering every aspect of business collaboration and productivity – from the regular Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and moving to Teams, Tasks, Sharepoint, and a few dozen more applications.

Every single one of them, including their admin center and hundreds of related security policies, uses just the bare minimum security settings applied by default.

Microsoft intentionally leaves these settings in their default state – they want to ensure all their customers have usability first and can apply the security settings they need.

Over half of the security configuration settings and policies available in Microsoft 365 are in their “off” or disabled state when you first purchase the service.

Even when IT departments work hard to enable and configure all available security settings, they may miss critical dependencies and logical vulnerabilities, which could still lead to a significant data breach.

Azure Security Consulting

Azure offers unprecedented usability when it comes to securing all applications and data hosted there.
However, just as with AWS, applying the security capabilities, settings, policies, and configuration is the tenant’s responsibility.
If your service, data, or identity management is on Azure, this does not mean it is secure. Yes, Microsoft has a considerable amount of security engineers, but they are not responsible for their customers’ data.
Our cloud security consultants are the best choice for working with your development and IT team to ensure everything you store on Azure is as secure as it can be.

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