Information Security Consultants Require Efficiency Controls To Be Effective

Information Security Consultants Require Efficiency

Significant losses can occur if you choose your information security consultants at random and have no clear plan and strategy of working with them. Here is a procedure for selecting a consultant, working with them, and controlling their performance throughout the duration of your project.  Efficient work means clarity of expectations on both sides and proper controls … Read more

Six ways to protect your law firms data

The common elements across all law firms when it comes to protecting them from hacking attacks are:  Your document management system Your case management system Your filing system Printing management systems File sharing and collaboration Phone management systems Email – and in many cases, if a hacker gains access to someone’s email, they also gain … Read more

Top 10 of the best european cybersecurity consulting companies

Every country in the European Union has its own local cybersecurity consulting companies. Atlant Security is one of them.  How to identify a good cybersecurity consulting company? The most important criteria when making a selection between several cybersecurity consulting companies is their business model. Do they primarily perform penetration tests with the aim of reselling … Read more

Becoming a cyber knight: learn!

Constant improvement is what your adversaries master at. Even though you might go for a new certificate from time to time – this is not the improvement I am talking about. Webinars are not improvement. Good, old-school reading and putting what you learned into practice is going to make you a master of your craft. … Read more

Risks of working from home for law firms

☠ Remote work has increased cybersecurity incidents by 25% and the majority of them are caused by pirated software or software downloaded by people from shady locations. I’ll give you an example: Previously while in the corporate network, people were (hopefully) prevented from downloading programs/binaries, instead, the IT department was doing that for them. Now, … Read more