Know your enemy

Knowing your environment (yourself) is half the way. You should know your enemy as well. One way of keeping in touch with what is happening on the Dark Side is keeping updated with information security news. And keeping a list of RSS feeds is no longer relevant – where keeping yourself updated once or twice … Read more

External Network Monitoring Services

Sometimes you cannot trust your own defenses, especially if you properly assume that your network has been compromised. All IDS/IPS appliances have the same weakness: they rely on what is known and rarely on some basic behavior analysis. But when an attacker uses a new technique (which happens quite often) it will pass as a … Read more

Getting to know the Cyber Underground

Being updated on recent news is just one piece of the puzzle. You should at least know how the underground world looks like, how the underground economy operates, what kind of information they buy/sell, what is the price of the ‘services’ being sold, among many others. As soon as you understand all of the above … Read more