Ами Ако Можехте да защитите бизнеса си още сега?

Ами ако можехте да го направите без да закупувате нито един продукт?

cyber security consultant

Киберсигурността е ново предизвикателство за вас?

Ние сме бутикова компания за киберсигурност. С наша помощ вие и вашият бизнес ще фокусирате всички инициативи за киберсигурност в правилната посока. 

We are here for you from our first meeting to fully manage your information security program as a service.

We build secure systems.

Услуги за киберсигурност:

Киберсигурност за Малкия и Среден Бизнес

The most critical aspect of defending your data and infrastructure. If someone can log in as your users/admins it is game over and we can prevent that.

Оценка на Уязвимости

Enhance your IT Security Program with a vulnerability assessment by Atlant Security. We help you discover the weaknesses in your defenses proactively before someone else does.

Сигурна ИТ Инфраструктура

Your servers, network devices, databases, document management systems, and other IT elements all need to be protected.

Сигурност в Облака

Office 365 has 280+ security settings, most of them turned off by default. AWS and Google Apps are similar - and we help our clients secure any and all their Cloud Infrastructure.

Сигурност на Комуникациите

Gaining access to Email means having access to all other internal IT systems in most cases. We make it very difficult for hackers to break into your email.

Мониторинг на Сигурността

Do you know for sure no hackers are in your network right now? Have you been hacked without your knowledge? Do you want to detect a breach as soon as it happens, vs never?

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